New Year, new You! Smooth(ie) Operator; healthy breakfast drinks

smoothie 'egg nog' in glass


A fresh blended drink maintains its total fibre content and is, as such more filling.


Use a selection of fresh fruit eg bananas, pear; the fewer ‘bits’ the better. Ie use fresh orange juice, over orange segments, because of the pith (unless using a high-powered blender eg. Vita-Mix.

Vary the ingredients, add herbal root powders (optional) and enjoy fresh each morning (or for convenience, prepare the previous day and store chilled overnight.)


  • Protein powders to add in to a Smoothie – eg. Sun Warrior Blend with added Pea & Hemp seed Protein is Whey-free (dairy) and a little goes a long way.
  • Add a tsp of Cacao or cocoa powder for a chocolate blend.
  • A 1\4 tsp of any ground spice or herbal superfood powders eg. cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, maca, carob.


1. Blend all your chosen ingredients together in a blender \ liquidiser jug, until light, frothy and creamy.

2. For added creaminess, add a fresh nut or seed milk (preferably) or chose from many of the carton dairy-free brands in Alpro Almond or Hazelnut Milk.


Theresa Webb BA.DipNT. is a qualified, experienced local Naturopathic Nutritionist with a clinic space held at Blackheath and Holborn (+ she offers home visits).

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