New Year, new You! Better Bowels: Cereal Nutrition

A decent cereal makes all the difference; choose one without added sugar wherever possible. Fresh is best, undoubtedly but isn’t always the most practical. Processed cereals are low sources of nutrients. Once ‘whole’, these flakes, puffs etc are over crisped grains, with minerals added back into them (after having had them stripped out!) The nutrient levels in slimming brands aimed at women for example are not going to be filling and do not supply adequate nutrients per serving size. Just imagine you were to crush up a bowl of ‘puffs / flakes’ they would quickly resemble a powder which   would probably just over fill an egg cup size – i.e. it’s not likely to make us feel satisfied or fill us up for a longtime.

Whole grains eg Oats or gluten-free flakes eg buckwheat, quiona…

Sprinkles: Nuts & Seeds

Dried Fruits: Gogi berries, raisins, apricots (check for unsulphured), figs

Fresh Fruit: Pear, banana, apple …

Flax Seeds; whole, ground or in oil form

  1. A rich source of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids and ideal for keeping skin supple, reduce menopausal symptoms, support eye health and joint mobility. Fibre to reduce IBS constipation symptoms.

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Uses: Sprinkle a teaspoon-dsp of either whole or ground seeds into a cereal mix or muesli for added fibre too and remember to add plenty of liquid or drink fresh water or juice, as these seeds become bulky and assist cleansing action in the digestive system. The oil may also be used for the healthy fats; add a dsp of oil to breakfast cereal, as a salad dressing and pour over cooked vegetables and potatoes.

About the author: Theresa Webb BA Dip.NT. is a qualified and experienced local Naturopathic Nutritionist with clinics in Blackheath and Holborn. She runs workshops, holds consultations and for those with a sweet tooth; produces her own range of organic handmade sweets, cakes & raw chocolate.

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