Biscuit Factory- The Planning Saga Rolls On

So it turns out celebrations over the Biscuit Factory Planning Refusal  were premature.
Lewisham Council Planning have written to inform residents that errors were made in their previous communication and the Change of Use Application for 9 Staplehurst Rd has NOT been refused.
A decision is still being awaited from the Planning Inspectorate.

The crowning achievement of this never-ending story has to be the deliciously convoluted letter sent by Planning Officer Helen Milner to deliver the news.

It’s a peach! Opaqueness worthy of attention from the Plain English Campaign or better still, Sir Humphrey from ‘Yes Minister’.

The letter is published below. WARNING: You’ll need a fine tooth comb.

So this pressing local issue continues. Thanks to FUSS.


Biscuit Factoryletter3


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  1. Ed
    January 21, 2015

    That actually strikes me as fairly clear. Essentially the applicant realised the application was likely to be refused so pre-empted the decision and appealed before a decision was made. This mean the appeal process begins more quickly and the decision is taken out of the Council’s hands.

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