New Year, New you: Fresh Fruit

Our final Breakfast for this week is based simply … on our most conveniently ‘packaged’ foods:

Fresh fruit

Fruit is ideal for breakfast; not just for a dessert or mid-day snack. Fresh fruits contain lots of juice to rehydrate and refresh tired cells from the night before (particularly if alcohol of any description was consumed!) A fresh fruit feast, of whatever takes your fancy and enjoy until full, is fine.

Clementines, Satsumas, apples and pears are the seasonal \ traditional choice.

To serve: A serving of your favourite yougurt alternative (eg. CoYo – available in various flavours)

Health Benefits:

Antioxidants to support immunity, simple fructose sugars to stable blood-sugar levels and fibre to ensure regular peristalsis; plus a smile on your face!

Theresa Webb BA.DipNT. is a qualified, experienced local Naturopathic Nutritionist with a clinic space held at Blackheath and Holborn (+ she offers home visits).

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