New Year, New You! Delicious Vegan Breakfasts

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Happy New Year All!

After the excesses of Christmas season, now is as good a time as any to start as we mean to go on and take the plunge into a healthier and tastier New Year. On the menu this month….

Breakfast is known as one of the most important meals of the day, as it ‘breaks’ our ‘fast’ from the night and helps us to focus mentally for the day ahead. If your moods have felt grumpy or experienced low energy, the sort of ingredients you eat at breakfast could be the culprit. If breakfast isn’t a meal you’ve eaten regularly, begin with a gradual start and I’d encourage you to eat or drink something to balance and regulate our sugar levels.

‘Lighten-up!’ For Dairy Milk & Cream alternatives

There are many new brands available, alternatives to dairy: My favourite current Yogurt \ Crème Fraiche alternative: ‘CoYo’ … CoYo is a new, unsweetened, Coconut based Yogurt with beneficial bacteria for good gut health. It makes an ideal alternative and can be used in a multitude of ways; to sandwich together cakes, with fruit, with a pudding or dessert. Add fresh berries and chocolate shavings, slices of fresh pear & banana! I used to love the pear & banana yogurt combination, so now, this makes a new delicious choice. It is available in health food shops eg. Sheel Pharmacy in Lewisham (& others in Blackheath). It is unsweetened so drizzle your favourite syrup or add dried fruit eg. Raisins, chopped dates for a sweeter flavour or serve with fresh fruit and muesli.

Health & Nutrition benefits from ditching dairy products

  • Healthier skin – healing eg eczema. Reduce spots\blemishes – teenage years.
  • Healthier hormonal regulation; reduction in ‘Western’ menopause symptoms. Easter
  • it is mucus forming – seeking to avoid the flu {Q}- fewer colds & flu,
  • Recent research shows that it plays a role in cancer formation (leading charities avoid this in their programmes), s (later years… )

Real food Recipe: Stewed fruit with CoYo

Fresh fruit contains phytonutrients, fibre and is a source of vitamins & minerals, plus fresh juice which also assist to re-hydrate us. The natural sugar, sucrose, is ideal to balance our energy and blood sugar levels for our busy lifestyles.


  1. Simmer your favourite fruit in a little water for approx 5-10 mins until soft and juicy. Apples, pears, plums & berries (though out of season…) During Winter, some readers may find it helpful to add a little warmth and heat to their foods and stewed fruit, whilst not so nutritionally complete may make for a sweet start to the day.
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