Deptford Cinema: The Big Build!

This is going to be a very exciting year for Deptford Cinema, but only if we make it happen. Get 2015 started by volunteering for The Big Build!

The Big Build starts on the 5th of January and continues until the 17th.

Sessions: Weekday evenings and Saturday daytime.  Evening sessions will start at 5pm and end 9pm.

Over the past few months Deptford Cinema is being transformed into high-quality, volunteer-run space. All of the heavy-duty work is now complete and it’s now time to get involved in the finer points of the renovation All of the details you need are below. You can volunteer time for as long or as little as you like.

“Yeah, that’s Deptford Cinema. I plastered the walls, helped build the bar, put the seats in. No biggie…”

How do I get involved? Do I need special skills?

Nope! There are highly-skilled people on site to oversee what everyone’s doing. There are a great many jobs that require no skill at all, just a pair of hands and a willingness to help.Anything needed for the job will be provided, although if you have things you can potentially bring then let us know. Sensible clothing (especially footwear) is all that’s required. There will be tea, coffee and snacks too!
On your first visit, be sure to let someone know. You’ll be given a short health and safety induction and be told how you can get involved.

Whilst help is appreciated at any time, letting people know in advance is especially useful as they allow planning. If you know in advance that you can make a particular day, or days, then let organisers know.

If you can’t make it during building hours, but still want to help, there are super-useful things that can be done from home:

  • tracking down materials and items for the cinema.
  • getting quotes for the new secondary glazing, the new front door and internal doors, carpets, lighting etc.

So if you have a few hours a week where you can search the internet, make some calls or even arrange people to meet at the cinema contact the team and they will let people know list of materials to be sourced that week.

Our next public meeting will be on Sunday 11th January 2015 at 4pm in the cinema space.




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