A few weeks have passed since my last blog and in that time an article was published on East London Lines asking is Hither Green hip?  I contributed to the article as I was approached while walking down Chalcroft Road, SE13 with my trusty companion @Dougiecockapoo.  I answered the question and you can see my brief answer on the link to East London Lines.

The article was on the back of a Sunday Times article with a write up about Hither Green.  There is a link to the Sunday Times article in this thread on the The New Hither Green Forum 2014 (It is a 13mb download).  Then in the last week or so there was an article in the Evening Standard about Hither Green (not sure people in the west side will be happy with part of this article).

So what is going on?  I remember in about 2006 both Time Out and The Guardian had similar articles saying almost the same things.  What happened then?  Not a lot for years and years.  Then house prices went mad and became the talk of house owners in Hither Green and all over London and the South East.

Whenever I read these articles they all have a similar feeling of someone selling Hither Green .  In my mind Hither Green doesn’t need selling – it is just a small area in Lewisham Zone 3 that sells itself.

When I moved in in 1999 I wasn’t sure what Hither Green would become and if it changed I didn’t know if I would I stay?  I think Hither Green has improved but it isn’t hip, it is quiet.  It has good schools and has become more parent friendly but I don’t think it is ever going to be a place people go to for good times.  For example I see my son’s headteacher when I am walking through Manor House Gardens and Manor Park which is great.  There is a weekly farmers’ market and a library.  To me Hither Green feels like a small community but not hip.

I don’t imagine the good people of Greenwich or Blackheath saying ‘Let’s have a big day/night out in Hither Green’.  There is one very good pub and a few good cafes but not much else and I think it needs a lot more than that to be hip. And I am quite pleased about that.