Autumnal Foraging and recipe for Strengthening Winter Immunity

I haven’t been able to find and identify many wild fungi this year, other than Shaggy Parasols. If you have done, please let us know and post up on here!

strawberry tree fruit 1

However, these ArbutusStrawberry Bush fruit were collected from my own front garden tree and that of another local tree, where the owner had just allowed them to fall off, so I collected those outside the property.

These soft, ripe fruit make an excellent addition to your muesli breakfast or fresh Fruit salad dessert. They have a deep pink, textured outer ‘skin’ and a vibrant orange centre, which is very mild in flavour & tastes similar to peaches or plums.


smoothie soup, with hummus

“More soup!?” I hear you cry… well, yes, but it’s winter, so I intend to make the most of it & rest my case. In fact this is rather more of a Smoothie recipe, which just happened to end up in a bowl, so it became decorated as such, much more like a savoury soup.

For 1 bowl or 1 pt glass:


Half an avocado

1\6 Fresh lemon (check there are no pips!)

A good size chunk of cucumber

A couple of florets of broccoli

Fresh herbs eg thyme or rosemarie

A couple of sticks of celery.

125 ml or more Fresh Coconut Water or Fresh water.

Optional: Small piece of fresh Ginger.



1. Blend all the ingredients together to form a creamy liquid.

2. Either pour into a glass to enjoy as a drink, or …

3. Pour into a bowl, decorate with chopped chives, dollops of fresh hummous, fresh olives and anything else that you wish to add in.

Ward off any winter colds with this rich blend of Brassica vegetables, rich in Indol-3 Carbinol, Sodium rich celery & cucumber and electrolyte-rich coconut water. As ‘nature’s butter’, Avocados contain healthy fats, to improve skin tone and even weight loss; this is an all-round good soup, ahem, Smoothie! 🙂


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Theresa Webb BA.Dip.NT is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, with clinic practices in Blackheath, Holborn (plus home private visits)


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