Is Hither Green one of London’s hip villages?

This is the question posed by the fantastic East London Lines website with it’s tongue firmly in it’s cheek!

East London Lines article- Hither Green 

In their article several HG locals are asked about Hither Green apparently rising up the rankings of desirable places to live.  One of the locals includes Paul Cuthbert, local blogger and new writer on this very site!

The above piece article was written as a response to last week’s Sunday Times article.  HG Sunday Times Article:  Oct 12 2014It included Hither Green in a list of London’s ‘New villages’.

Our community garden gets a mention as does the rapidly increasing house prices.  It would appear the rest of London has discovered our railway links, large Victorian housing stock and parks!

The effect on house prices aside, we remember the days of constantly having to explain to people exactly where Hither Green actually was!

Time to invest in a pair of brick red chinos?


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  1. Jon
    October 23, 2014

    Were we not supposed to wear the brick red chinos until the official designation as a village? Oops.

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