Planning Hearing: Land on Rayford Ave + Ronver Road

The Baring Trust seeks to conserve local heritage in Lee; it is currently asking for public support over a land planning issue which goes to a public hearing at the end of this month.

Public Hearing

Case: DC/13/83518
Date: Sept 30th
Time: 10 am
Location: Room 1 Civic Suite, Lewisham Town Hall, SE6 4RU

Issue: Land rear of Rayford Avenue & Ronver Road & St Mildreds Road, SE12

The Baring Trust and local residents have concerns over the destruction of a  unique environment with direct  links to the original Burnt Ash Farm and dairy in 1860s.

An application has been made for the construction of a block of 4 private stables, creation of 3 additional paddocks and improvements to the existing paddocks.

The land is already home to an allotment,  an animal rescue centre and Willow Tree Riding Stables.  This application is by the landowners and has *nothing* to do with Willow Tree Stables.

Willow Tree Riding Stables are the lessees on the land on Ronver Road. Currently they have 40 stables with 29 horses and provide horse riding for people of all ages.  The landowners are applying to build further private stabling blocks to create hard standing stables.

In fact leaflets were found to have been distributed purporting to be from Willow Tree, there are concerns that the  aim of the leaflet was to deceive.

NOTE: Willow Tree Riding Stables were established in 1959 and represent an unbroken link back to the Willowtree Stables are Lewisham’s only riding stables and have provided a unique opportunity for thousands of Lewisham

– From the Application to nominate assets of community value




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