Pop, lock and flow: It’s Hip Hop Yoga!

This is Yoga, but not as you know it!

Yoga Instructor Sabi Datoo-Lalji  is currently filling floors in the Colfe’s Leisure Centre and Gym in Lee.

Sabi’s  unique selling point? Her clients are working out to hip hop beats and RnB grooves. Her  poses and asanas are enriched with all the tradition and heritage of yoga; the focus is still on balance, breathing and building core strength,  but the music adds a fresh and fun twist.

The beats and rhythms help motivate and drive the sessions on.

” Yoga encompasses a level of creativity, inspiration and vibrancy. It houses poetry, affirmations, meditations, advice on diet, and mind yoga.”

Sabi Datoo-Lalji; Freeze pose or Yoga stance? In the end, does it matter?!

Classes hold 20-25 people.

To give it a try- contact Sabi or drop in to a class!

Date: Mondays 7.30pm-8.45pm
Cost: £12 per class (drop in /  £90 per 10 week term.  
Contact Sabi:  07845 67 08 71
Email: sabi@chikri.com
Web:  chikri.com


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