The Urban Wine Company needs your grapes!

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Urban Wine Harvest 2014

Date of harvest: Saturday 11th October 2014
Venue: Unit 13, Merton Industrial Park, SW19 3HX
Time: 8.00am until 12 noon.

Do you have a grapevine growing in your garden? Why not get involved in this very quaffable project?! Last year, Paul and Richard of The  Urban Wine Company harvested several  tonnes of fruit from London gardens London and used it to produce vineyard-quality wine for members. They call it  ‘Chateau Tooting!’

The harvest is collected and processed in the autumn and should be ready for delivery the following March.

Paul & Richard of Urban Wine Company
Paul & Richard of Urban Wine Company

From The Urban Wine Company website:

“Would it be possible to make a wine made from London grapes?”

“For years the grapes on my vine went to waste or were eaten by the local squirrels and birds. Thanks to the Urban Wine Company we were able to harvest our grapes and get to enjoy great wine made from our neighbourhood vines.”

Martin Piper – Wandsworth, SW London

Paul and Richard set about harvesting grapes grown in gardens, allotments, behind supermarkets and even at the side of railways. They teamed up with winemaking experts to produce the very first batch of ‘Chateau Tooting’. Pleasantly surprised, if not a little amazed by its ‘Drinkability’ The Urban Wine Company was formed. Not only had a fantastic tasting wine been created using grapes grown in a city centre, something unique had also been born.

Article: The Independent

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