Springbank Road Garden: Pocket Park Progress!

Rain water harvest system!

A system for collecting rainwater was a key part of our Pocket Parks bid.

Our community gardening team are super excited by the prospect of having water onsite!

For the part 3 years, we’ve had to bring jerry cans from home or rely on rain.

So by August the garden is usually a brown frazzle! Not any more!

New railings
The new railings for the Springbank Road garden are now being installed.

They look super smart!

Hopefully the railings will also dissuade dog owners from letting their hounds use the garden.

The railings for the other side of the garden will be installed shortly
There are a few repairs to be done to the wall too.

We’re expecting the new residents of the apartment block to move in any week now and hopefully they’ll enjoy the new colourful and fragrant climbers which will clad the fence.

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