Save our Lamp-posts! Hither Green Campaign

The appearance of the new ‘War of the Worlds’ style black lamp-posts on the streets of in Hither Green has caused a lot of local comment.

Too tall, too bright, angled straight into our bedroom are some of the comments we have received about these new posts. Residents on Leahurst Road, Longhurst Road and George Lane have been in touch with Stella Jeffrey and Jim Mallory their respective councillors to intercede with Skanska UK- the  construction group which won a joint street lighting contract from Lewisham and Croydon Councils.  Campaigns have been launched!

It’s like sleeping in the middle of a floodlit stadium.


Another issue has now also come to light ( ho ho!) affecting roads around South End Lane.  Local resident Theresa Webb takes up the case:

Petition Save Our Lamp-Posts


Our original, traditional grey lampposts date back to 1930′s and are quite a feature in our road. They are quite ornate and possess decorative ‘T plates’, from which a ladder was hung to change the bulbs in eras gone by.  Several older residents recall that they remember seeing them used back in the 1950′s, for this purpose and others said that it formed a part of their choice to move into this area.

I’ve felt moved to start a petition in our street which has since been signed by over 30 residents, all in agreement that there should be a dialogue over any lighting changes and that the original posts offer a degree of heritage in the area.

Action undertaken so far:

I contacted Skanska to report my concern for the historical element of our area and was contacted by Sara O’Malley their public liasion officer. She was unhelpful and simply stated that we should have received notice of the changes back in May but my research shows that we were NOT informed.

I have a paper petition signed by 30+ South End Lane residents who all object to the plans and want to retain our original lights.

After surveying a local meeting this week, 90% of local residents expressed their upset are against any proposed changes to the lighting system. NO-ONE in this area had heard anything about it prior to the signs which went up 2 weeks ago at the end of June.  Skanska is wrong in their claim that they pre-warned us and my neighbours and I are unhappy and seek to take action in this situation with a view to safeguarding our current lampposts.

Having spoken to a local planning officer, I have also contacted English Heritage with a view to find out if we can apply for a ‘spot listing’ for the posts.






A similar Crystal Palace Campaign: Article in the Evening Standard



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  2. Essi
    October 16, 2014

    Hi, did your application to English Heritage get anywhere? They’re proposing to do the same thing to our road, again without any consultation on what this means for the feel of the area. And I’ve read horror stories about how bad Skanksa are at fixing lights, which would be a real safety worry.

    • Steve
      October 24, 2014

      Skanska are terrible at responding to local issues.
      We’re stuck with them because of the long term contract Lewisham and Croydon Councils have signed.

      Try emailing their customer advisor@

      • Theresa
        October 29, 2014

        Thank you Steve, we’ve so far ‘saved’ 4 local lampposts; that there are currently 4 original lampposts remaining in our SE6 area, with plans to secure several more but time will tell exactly how this pans out.

  3. October 20, 2014

    English Heritage have not been as much help, as our area is not classified as a conservation area.

    However, local Cllr Mark Ingelby has been very aware and helpful in trying to locate the old lamp-posts and we are aiming to create a project whereby the old, original lampposts which have already been removed, can be re-used in a creative way.

    Please contact him directly if you have any further concerns or need support. I cannot guarantee any outcome. We have so far halted the total ‘change-over’ in our rd, so it has made a difference.

  4. October 22, 2014

    On the plus side, the improved lighting should be warmly received by people alighting at Hither Green Station. Lighting does a lot to make an area feel safe and be safe.

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