The Biscuit Factory Development, Staplehurst Road Petition

It looks like dreams of a local restaurant taking up residence at The Biscuit Factory on Staplehurst Road have come to naught. The site developers of the Biscuit Factory Unit  have applied for change of use from restaurant to a straight retail space. Lewisham Planning reference:DC/14/87501

According to investigations undertaken by the Costcutters on Staplehurst Road,  the Biscuit Factory development trail seems to lead to Tesco. Not surprisingly the family-owned supermarket which has served Staplehurst Road for over 20 years aren’t happy and neither are other local businesses.

Between the promised ASDA development at Leegate and the possibility of a Tesco opposite their own store, Costcutters have started a petition. To support them sign here.

Moreover, there is an argument to be had with regard to market saturation; a Biscuit Factory Tesco would be the SIXTH Tesco in the area:

  • Lewisham Station Tesco Superstore
  • Lewisham High Street- Tesco Express
  • Rushey Green- Tesco Express
  • Catford Shopping Centre -Tesco Supermarket
  • Hither Green Clock Tower/ Meridian South- Tesco Express.

There is a local assembly meeting at Trinity School, Taunton Road on tonight (17 June) at  7.30pm.

We will report back after that.



Councillor Jim Mallory:

Fuss at Hither Green:


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  1. sarah
    June 18, 2014

    Always no to Tesco. We would boycott it anyway. We don’t want super capitalist giants in our village. We support our local buisenesses, which Tesco has no place alongside.

  2. Pier
    October 26, 2014

    Which local businesses? cause apart from the Station and Good Hope there are just fried chicken and cr*p take aways. A good restaurant (italin/spanish) or a high quality (not Tesco I agree) grocery store would be better.
    And I’m afraid this is 2014, seriously talking like a Marxist makes a fool out of yourself.

  3. Jim
    March 26, 2021

    Just a rant…..I visited my old workplace in the 1960s, and noticed it is now appartments…and called the “biscuit factory”…WHY ?? This was never a biscuit factory,it was Gardener & Gulland …then Smith & Wellstood. ( G&G ) Ltd. Catering equipment manufacturer.
    How did biscuits get involved??

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