Below are the minutes of the Community First Panel meetings held on 10 January 2013 and 15 November 2012 respectively.

Lewisham Central Ward Community First Panel
Minutes of meeting held on 10 January 2013 at 54 Birkhall Road, London, SE6

Present:  Jo Honeybone, Stella Jeffrey, Alison Munro and Jane Kustner

Apologies :  Bobby Mizen

1: Minutes of the meeting held 15 November 2012 were agreed. Matters arising:

  • (a) JH reported that because of ill-health Bobby Mizen had resigned from the panel with effect from 9 January 2013.
  • (b) SJ to check whether the minutes of the 15 November meeting had been uploaded on to the website.

2: Update on projects currently funded.

  • Information and material for the website had been received from the Scouts and Sally Donaldson.
  • Golden Oldies have still not claimed their grant but JK will ensure that this is done as soon as possible.
  • Hither Green Halls – have been reminded about making their claim, JK will check with Richard about this.
  • HGCA have not responded, JK will raise this at their forthcoming committee meeting.
  • Bridge School of English have changed the date of their event.

3: New grant applications for January 31 deadline.

Not known whether there had been any replies to the CF mailbox on the HGCA website.  SJ to check.

SJ to ask Lewisham Central Assembly coordinator, John O’Reilly, to include information on the notices about to be sent out inviting people to the Assembly meeting on February 5th and also to send to people and organisations on his Lewisham Central email database. JH to remind VAL, hoping that they can send out a reminder with their fortnightly e-bulletin.  The panel agreed to keep to the previously agreed timetable unless no applications had been received by January 25 2013, in which case the deadline would be extended and John O’Reilly and VAL would be informed.

  1. 4: Community Development Plan. Consultant appointment – email would need to be checked to see if there were any people who had applied online and then they would have to be contacted for an interview as soon as possible. JK,AM and SJ agreed that they would be able to meet with any suitable applicant on the evening of Sunday 13 January or Tuesday 15 January. Following that they would get back to Wendy Sugarman, who had already been interviewed by the panel, with their decision about who to appoint.
  2. Website.SJ agreed to try to gain access to the panel’s material on the website using Bobby’s details which had been supplied and to contact Gareth Newton-Williams if there was any difficulty.
  3. Finances. As the Jimmy Mizen Foundation was not able to continue as a panel partner, a new one would need to be appointed.  It was not clear whether BM had actually applied for the finance for administration and the production of the Development Plan.  JK agreed to raise the matter of panel partner with the HGCA committee.
  4. Panel membership. It was agreed to publicise this again through the ward Assembly notices and contacts and VAL (as for the new grant applications above).
  5. Any other business.  The panel noted that JH would be out of the country from 14-24 January. Date of next meeting confirmed as 21 February 7 p.m. at 54 Birkhall Road, though it might be necessary to call an extra meeting depending on grant applications and development plan consultant appointment.

The meeting closed at 9.10 p.m.

Lewisham Central Ward Community First Panel
Minutes of meeting held on15 November 2012 at the Cafe of Good Hope

Present: Jo Honeybone, Bobby Mizen, Stella Jeffrey, Alison Munro

Apologies : Jane Kustner

  1. Apologies.  JD to check constitution re attendance at meetings and to ask Honesty if he  still wished to be a member of the panel.  Panel members were reminded to flag up well in advance if they were unable to attend a meeting.
  2. Minutes of last meeting agreed.  BM confirmed that the minutes were available on the website.  It was agreed that further efforts should be made to recruit additional panel members.  SJ to publicise this via John O’Reilly and his contacts, BM via the werbsite, JD via HGCA and poster to go around and to contact VAL.  Replies to enquiries should go via website contact to BM who would forward them to JD.
  3. Update on Year 1 projects.

(a)    Golden Oldies have not claimed their grant.  The project is now being managed by JK at St. Swithun’s.  They need to inform the CFF, it was not the role of the Panel to sort it out.  SJ to contact JK.

(b)   Hither Green Halls have not claimed their grant.  JD has spoken to Richard twice and they have also been emailed, but still have not taken the money.

(c)    Other projects – updates required.  3 – 4 lines and a photo which could go on the website.  JD to email them.  Deadline – to BM by 15/12/12.

  1. Round 2 applications.  Timeline is on the website.  Confirmed actions and timetable agreed at previous meeting.
  2. Community Development Plan.  It was agreed that there were many existing reports that could be utilised, e.g. parish profile at St. Mary’s, work done by Chris Freed for St. Swithun’s, Orchard Estate Community Association, Town Centre Plans.  It was agreed that the most efficient way forward was to employ a freelance consultant to pull these together, including a survey of local residents, so that a draft plan could be ready for 21 February 2013.  AM agreed to draft the terms of reference and circulate to the rest of the panel as soon as possible.  It was noted that we could spend up to £2,000 to produce the plan.  JD said that she had a template for any contract that might be needed and would also contact Chris Freed, both as Chair of VAL and someone with experience in this field.  It was agreed that the advertisement for the consultant should be produced by 26 November, inviting applications by 10 December, applications would be circulated to panel members by email, shortlisting by 14 December, interviews/meeting with panel members (2 at least) on 17/18 December, work to be completed during January and February, anticipated 6 working days at a cost of between £1,500 and £2,000.
  3. Information on website.  BM reported and agreed that the hob advertisement and the panel vacancies would be added to the website as soon as possible.
  4. Finances.  BM to email to check whether we apply for Development Plan expenses in advance or after incurring the expense.  He will apply for Plan expenses and Panel admin. expenses.
  5. Panel events – details already circulated.
  6. Dates of next meetings – 10 January 2013 and 21 February 2013 (plus consultant appointment meetings as required.)