Statement from the Abbotshall  HLC Community Board.

In July we announced that Teachsport’s association with the Healthy Lifestyle Centre (HLC) was coming to an end, but a Community Board would work with Lewisham Council to find a new partner.

With the aim of keeping the HLC in community ownership, the Corbett Resident Association (since Jan 2018) has led a group of local residents and the HLC staff, under the name of “The Abbotshall Healthy Lifestyle Centre Community Board”, to take over the management of the HLC.

Our group have now formalised themselves into a company which is to register as a charity. We are pleased to announce Lewisham Council have recognised this and agreed to give the Community Board a Management Agreement to take over the HLC for an interim period, but with a view to a long term relationship.

Crowdfunding Link

To help maintain our vision of running a sustainable centre with the community at its heart, the Community Board needs immediate funding and help from fellow residents and stakeholders in our community. We need volunteers that can help us run the company, deliver community focused services and help promote the centre. Without this the HLC is at risk of closure. If you would like to get involved please contact or

We’re launching a ‘SAVE OUR CENTRE!’ Crowdfund campaign to raise funds to keep the HLC open and develop it for the benefit of our local community. The CRA have kindly agreed to use their annual fireworks night as our launch event.

So please make a date with family and friends, come along to THE CRA FIREWORKS NIGHT, Fri 2nd Nov from 6.00pm, and share the fun and HELP RAISE FUNDS to SAVE OUR CENTRE!

Here is the Crowdfunding link