Dear resident,

The final report on Ladywell Playtower is going to Mayor & Cabinet next Wednesday 15th November at 6pm.

The report will be delivered in two parts:

1)      Part 1 will convene at 6pm and will contain publically available information surrounding the process the Council has been through to appoint a preferred provider for Ladywell Playtower, highlighting the strengths/challenges of each of the proposals, and providing the results of the public consultation for the Mayor to consider.  It is here that the decision on the preferred provider will be made by the Mayor.

2)      Shortly before the Part 1 meeting convenes, a Part 2 session will be held containing commercially sensitive information which, for legal reasons, will be delivered to internal representatives only.


The agendas and reports can be found and accessed here

Please note that due to system capability issues, the full consultation feedback file at the end of the public report has been delivered in an enlarged format. If people require a more usable format please let me know.

Look forward to hearing from you,


Andy McVitty

Project Officer

Strategic Housing (Mon-Wed) Capital Programme Delivery (Thur-Fri)

London Borough of Lewisham

Laurence House



T: 0208 314 2210 M: 07392 862 174