Hello All

I know many people from our contacts list have already offered their services for the Christmas Fair but I thought I would send out a final request in case there is anyone else who is able to help.

A rota is currently being created for people who are able to help make sure that Staplehurst Road is clear of cars the night before and early in the morning. Currently we are checking if people who did it last year are able to do it again this year. If there are gaps then we will come back to you…perhaps you can let me know if you would be able to possibly fill in a slot from 6pm onwards. Thank you.

On the actual day the main areas for jobs are:

1)Barrier duty before the Fair starts (to ensure unauthorised cars don’t try to drive down Staplehurst Road etc while the stallholders are setting up.

2) Helping on FUSS stalls like the Tombola, Bric a Brac, Water and Wine etc (or just helping set these stalls up from around 10 o’clock onwards.)

3) Selling Raffle Tickets on the street.

4) Decorating Father Christmas’s Grotto.

5) Helping in the pub with Father Christmas and the Facepainter (who will be there from about half One/Two pm) collecting the money for the 2 activities and “policing” the lines/keeping everyone in the Christmas Spirit.

6) Tidying up at the end of the Day!

Last year I was The Christmas Fairy in the Grotto helping Father Christmas with the children (a job I loved) but this year with Ann Lewis stepping down as Fair Organiser I have had to relinquish this role so we need a fairy to do that job with Noriko The Chief Elf.

Please can you let me know which jobs you would most be happy to do and how long you can help us for (whole day, couple of hours etc) and I will try and fit people to jobs as best possible.

We have a FUSS meeting regarding the final organisation of the Fair tonight at 7.30pm at the Station Hotel and while it isn’t essential that volunteers attend, it would be great if I could have as many names as possible for the jobs needed to be filled. 

Also if you know you will be volunteering at the Fair and you have current First Aid training and wouldn’t mind being a named First Aider on the Risk Assessment can you please let me know as currently I will be the only one and I would prefer at least 2. Thank you

Thank you in advance


Laura Cheek    

A Christmas Fair Organiser