Abbotshall Healthy Lifestyle Centre has now been open for a few months and has slipped smoothly into the rhythm of daily life. The new Centre is light, airy and roomy, it is alive with people delighted at having a smart new community facility in the neighbourhood.

Dance Studio The large central studio can close up into smaller spaces and is booked solid with dance, exercise and children’s music and movement classes.

 Sport Facilities. The rear of the Centre is lined with sports changing rooms. Abbotshall is now the home ground of several FA charter youth and adult sports teams.

The Front Room Cafe. This community cafe is a real triumph! On the day we visited the atmosphere was busy and relaxed- every table was occupied locals  having coffee, waiting for classes to start or hanging out on the sofa. There are comfortable spaces and wifi for freelancers to get work done too.

Free Couch to Fitness Training Programme. The primary purpose of the Healthy Lifestyle Centre is to improve the health and well-being of local residents. TeachSport is the key project partner and they offer a free 13 week programme of one to one coaching to get previously inactive people off the couch and exercising.If you’re shy you can enjoy tailored personal training, once you’re feeling more confident, you can join in with classes. So take the plunge and book a place!

There are activities for children, adults and seniors, and you can hire meeting room or dance studio space too. This is a quality space which proudly has community at its heart! Bravo, it’s truly fantastic!