The Friends of Manor House Library have copied us into a couple of smashing letters sent to The Mayor and The NewsShopper for publication.
7 October 2015.

Dear Mayor Bullock,

The Users and Friends of Manor House Library received a “tip-off” concerning the libraries’ proposals before they were made public. Since then we have sent several e-mails to Mr. Rizzo concerning the flaws in the consultation process, but have received no replies.

The latest question marks about the consultation process arose last evening at the Lee Green Assembly.  It seems the local councillors were not included in discussions to arrange local consultation meetings.  Other council commitments have already been arranged.
Attendees at the Assembly also said schools in the area, who use Manor House, had not been informed.  There are several schools, Brindishe, Lee Manor, Ennersdale and we have users from Hither Green.  This does not include Trinity Secondary, or nearby schools in Blackheath ward.We would hope you could use your influence to see that the officers responsible answer our questions and properly inform the public.

yours sincerely,< Patricia Richardson  (Mrs.)