The brand new lifestyle centre on Abbotshall Road

was officially launched on 

Monday 25 May by Heidi Alexander MP in front of huge crowd of Corbett residents there for the bouncy castle and to try out the fantastic new sports facilities!

The new centre showed off its new suite of meeting rooms, plus sports changing rooms and sports pitches for the use of local people and clubs. The new community cafe will also be opening shortly.

This project is a real tribute to the local community who drove it forward. A small team of local residents worked first to persuade Lewisham to loosen its grip on the once rather run down and muddy playing fields and then took on the lease. Then, in partnership with Community TeachSport they tracked down half a million pounds in funding from Big Lottery as part of a ‘Get Healthy Get Active’ campaign.

More: The new centre has attracted excellent coaching and sports facilities for this community.
Community Teachsport has been awarded £498,000 over three years to encourage local people to get moving! The Abbotshall Healthy Lifestyle Centre is is one of just 16 projects across England to be selected for this funding, so again- congratulations to the Archibald Corbett Society, The Corbett Resident’s Association and Community Teachsport.

Photos from the Open Day – Sports demonstrations and community groups. (C) Barbara Gray.