BREAKING NEWS: The Chair of FUSS has let it be known today that the Change of Use Application for 9 Staplehurst Road (The Biscuit Factory) has been approved.
The case was escalated to the Planning Inspectorate after a big ‘anti’ campaign led by FUSS and No Big Retail garnered hundreds of signatures from local residents.

In full: The Appeal Decision

Thanks to Andrew Todd via FUSS

FUSS Email (dated 2/2/2015)

Dear all,

Sorry to report that Simon Hooks one of our hard working local councillors has been informed that the planning application for the Biscuit Factory has been approved.
So much for local democracy.


There is nothing else we can do except I suppose ask their grounds for approval and check it against local guidelines to see if there has been a slip up
if there is anyone with such expertise and willing to do it please let me know.