Lewisham Planning have notified objectors to a probable supermarket metro store that there will be NO  Change of Use  for the Biscuit Factory building at 9 Staplehurst Road.  The units will remain A3 / B1 class.

After careful consideration of all the issues involved, Council policies and Government advice together with the observations made by yourself and others, the Committee decided to REFUSE this proposal.

See below for the full letter.

Back in September 2014,100 people turned up to an onsite Planning Meeting with Planning Officers and the mood was largely against the Change of Use which would clear the way for a supermarket chain to open a store.

The ‘Say No to Big Retail’ campaign was led by FUSS at Hither Green and many existing businesses on Staplehurst Road.

There may yet be an appeal.




Biscuit Factory Dec 2014 Refusal