Last Saturday Hither Green volunteers got together on the train station embankment for the second stage of preparing the Fernbrook Road embankment for its new wildflower meadow. The Hither Green Community Association and Fuss at Hither Green are working together to transform the rather scrubby slope into a haven for bees and butterflies.
Funding: Kew Gardens are funding the project through it’s Grow Wild community initiative and we are in talks with a very special contractor to help volunteers deliver the project.
Photos: Huge thanks to the residents of Hither Green, and to Noriko and to Ann for the photos!

Our Next Step: Commissioning a CATT scan and submitting results + methodology for approval!

Lee News: While planting our bluebells, we were approached by group from Lee who are interested in transforming the green areas at the entrance to Lee Station.  There is real green momentum building up in Lewisham- brilliant!


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