Last night, readers of the Evening Standard would have seen it’s latest ‘Hither Green is on the Rise’ piece.

Our “Victorian suburb” is once again being lauded for it’s spacious housing stock, excellent schools and top notch green spaces.

This website also received a well deserved name check!

While some may celebrate that property prices are more reasonable than in historic Blackheath, others are concerned this ‘hip village’ momentum is pricing families out of the area. How long before this is just another place regular people can’t afford to make a life?

Something which raised an eyebrow… neither Slaithwaite Road nor Gilmore Road ( featured in the article) are generally considered to be in Hither Green. But hey who is counting? Apparently the Estate Agents!

And speaking of Estate Agents…

“Les Sawyer, owner of estate agents Forbes & Sawyer, says [West Hither Green] is as nice as the village-  “The only reason it is cheaper is that it is closer to Catford.” 

West Hither Green vendors might have something to say about that choice bit of prejudice!