Raw Festive Treats Demo

Saturday 6 December 
You are invited to come and sample my lovely tasty raw mince pies and a glass of fermented sorrel. I’ll be showing you how to make them, taking orders and giving you the recipes.
This is a small class, you can book here.

Anita McKenzie- Sistahintheraw
Anita is  a qualified teacher and counsellor and runs classes to help people to make healthier lifestyle choices through healthier eating, raw food teaching and mediation.
The Raw Food Philosophy 
  Raw food is all about getting the most nutrition you can from a plant based diet. Optimum nutrition is a preventative approach to allowing your body to function at it’s peak.
You’ve heard of juicing and smoothies, well these are a fundamental for many ‘raw foodists’, providing
easy to absorb nutrients at a cellular level and loads of energy. The other most important thing is a
balanced lifestyle, so including daily exercise and a positive psychological outlook also rank pretty highly.
Raw foodists adhere to not heating (cooking) plant based foods beyond a certain temperature so as not
to alter or destroy it’s nutrients.
Christmas Food Demonstrations
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Raw mince pies are an alternative to wheat and are dairy free. They are absolutely delicious and taste
better than what you are used to… In 2012 Sistahintheraw created a raw food menu for Gina Yashere (award winning, international comedienne) for her appearance on the ‘Come Dine with Me’ Christmas special, where the raw mince pie’s went down a real treat!
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