Guaranteed: Provenance, Sustainable and Fresh! 

A new Veg Box Scheme is now putting down roots in Lewisham.  Lee Greens is setting out to deliver fresh organic vegetables to Lewisham and the surrounding areas every week and at an affordable price. The Scheme also supports local farmers by ensuring a regular demand for their crops.

The Scheme will:

  • Support the local community not big business
  • Supply fresh organic produce
  • Conserve the environment by minimising food miles

The project started life as the highly successfulGrowing Communities’  a Hackney based social enterprise which has helped groups across London to start up their own schemes.


Seasonal Organic Produce for SE3, SE12, SE13

Staff / Volunteers:  The Lee Greens scheme is now looking for volunteers to help get the scheme up and running.  If you can spare a few hours each month and have an interest in healthy eating, conserving the environment, or community-led trade, then please get in touch.

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