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Have you ever wandered down Hither Green Lane and thought how much nicer it could be?

A group of residents are trying to change the road for the better – and we want your views!

As you may have noticed, traffic travels very fast on this road and often fails to stop at the Zebras. It’s effectively a little local high street, with lots of useful shops – but the pavements are narrow and there are big gaps between crossings. We think that with wider pavements, narrower roads, and more trees and greenery, this could be a much more pleasant and safer area to shop and live.

We have published a survey:
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ClOgmqg4VdUcC4BtFXB2dHSkr_HV_MQA8CKz0hRo5aY/viewform Please do fill it in – it should take 5 minutes, and will help us both refine our proposals and prove to the local Council and others that local people want this change.

We’ve also published a draft discussion document at

– this sets out a strategy for how the Lane could potentially develop. Views very welcome.

Thank you for your support and we will use this site to keep you updated.