Have you noticed the new mosaic which has gone up at Hither Green Station=? It’s pretty hard to miss! The Hither Green Community Association has been working with South Eastern Railways, Network Rail and Lewisham Council to improve the appearance of Hither Green Station.

As part of this year’s festival, the HGCA commissioned mosaic artist Leah Reeves to work with Hither Green’s two Brownie Packs to produce a piece of work to brighten up the Maythorne Cottages approach to the Station.

This was the first time working together for the local two Brownie Packs and they did a magnificent job, creating a mosaic of real beauty. 2014 is also marks 100 years of the Girl Guiding Movement and so all the themes have dove tailed together very nicely.

Congratulations to the Leaders and the Brownies of the 3rd HIther Green and 6th Catford Packs. We’re very proud of you all. 


Work funded by The LEwisham Arts Festival Fund and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew through their ‘Grow Wild’ Project.

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