​Littering around Hither Green station has stepped up a notch this summer.
Most months HGCA volunteers collect just a small bag of commuter litter from the embankment – discarded chocolate wrappers and the occasional copy of the Standard.

This month we have received complaints about an increase in cans and beer bottles.

So, in the sweltering heat of Saturday morning volunteers traipsed up and down the embankment picking up other people’s rubbish.

It is not a pleasant job and to be honest, we resent it. This is time we could be spending planting and building wild life habitats.

Bags of cans and bottles were collected from along the Springbank Road fenceline- meaning idiots have actually taken the time to throw them over.


The worst area was the space by platform 1 entrance. We are in touch with the Station, the Safer Neighbourhood Team and local hostels.

The area has now been cleaned and the fence screened off.


IMG-20140726-03042 IMG-20140726-03043 IMG-20140726-03048