The Bread Box  is a brand new local bakery business specialising in beautifully made artisan loaves.  Matthew Shimwell is the owner and he has given us a great interview! #BuyLocal

Why bread? Because I love it. I love good food and I love making good food. Bread has always been one of my favourite things to make because I could fit it around my job. I love coming up with flavour combinations and twists on the norm. I got into longer fermentation breads as I discovered how much better they are for you and how much easier to digest.

Why now? That’s a tougher one. Because I kept putting it off and eventually decided to test the waters. I’ve had a lot of support from people in the area and a lot of positivity as I’ve talked about the idea.

My hopes for the business? Long term I would love to open my own store in the area an be able to provide fresh breads daily for both delivery and as a normal bakery. Short term I just hope that people will give me a chance over the supermarkets and find out what bread should really taste like – bread made from the 4 basic ingredients – flour, water, yeast and salt.

Contact Matthew directly to make enquiries or to place orders. Email:

Phone: 07968054984



Bread photo (C) The Bread Box