Local council elections  and European Parliamentary Elections are taking place across all London boroughs on Thursday 22 May is Local. (Council) and European Election Day.

Lewisham Council Elections

Voting will take place in polling stations across the two Wards which cover Hither Green and you will be notified of the location when you receive your polling card.  You can  register to vote  in person, by post or proxy by downloading, completing and returning the relevant form.

A full list of candidates standing for the Lewisham Central Ward Council Seats

A full list of candidates standing for the Lee Geen Ward  Council Seats

A full list of Lewisham Mayoral candidates.


European Parliamentary Elections

Eight members of the European Parliament will be elected to represent the London Region.

Statement of Parties and Persons Nominated. 


PLEASE NOTE: There is some local controversy in the Lewisham Central Council  election.

The Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign had released a statement disavowing John Proctor a candidate who has listed his Party name as People Before Profit – Save Lewisham Hospital. Their statement makes it clear that as a broad -based apolitical organisation, they have NOT endorsed any candidates in the local elections.  They say

” We feel the use of the campaign on ballot papers is potentially confusing as voters may consider this indicates SLH endorsement and we wish to make it completely clear that this is not the case.”